FNB Ewallet money transfer

FNB Ewallet have just made it easy for people to transfer money instantly to valid South African residence and cell phone numbers you can get access to the money you do not need to have a bank account it is quick and easy the cash is available to you immediately FNB Ewallet have just made it possible for people to withdraw, deposit and buy prepaid.

How to apply

FNB Ewallet offers a simple application you need to have a valid account with FNB and the other person does not need one as long as the cell phone number is a valid SA number you can send and receive cash quick.

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What doe the FNB Ewallet offer

FNB Ewallet offers and easy way to send cash in a smart way and the cash is available immediately you can send, receive cash, buy prepaid and shop online FNB Ewallet is making life easy with no hassle at all with their best offer and no charges you get the cash instantly FNB Ewallet is fast, simple and reliable.

Contact details

For more on FNB Ewallet visit the Website:www.fnb.co.za

FNB Ewallet
FNB Ewallet

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